Coach  Brooks

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2014)


This guy…he gon’ learn ya.  Bred in the south, he comes from good stock.  He front squatted his family truck at the age of 10, that he still drives on the weekends.  Don’t mind the missing tailgate…that was ripped off saving a baby whale back in the early part of the millennia.

Anyways…He’s been doing CrossFit regularly for 6 years now and kettlebell classes prior to that. He works the 9 to 5 grind but can’t wait to peel out of the company parking lot everyday, like it’s the last day of school, politely of course.   He’s stuck with CrossFit for so long because he found when he was working out on his own, he thought he had beat exercise.  (1. you can’t beat exercise, 2…huh?)  But he definitely hadn’t.  It was a whole new healthy, feel invincible lifestyle.  The tough workouts always seemed like medicine to him, (like how you chew some leaves to make a paste and put it on your cuts).   Anytime he needed a detox or to get out of a rut, he could go to the box.

Outside the gym you can find him in his garden growing gigantic vegetables, hanging with his crazy boxer, or playing sports.  His car trunk contains every ball required for any relevant sport (think whatever you played in 5th grade)…great at most…pretty great at the rest.