Let us help you design a Corporate Wellness Programs that will take advantage of the benefits of having happy and health employees. These include higher mental concentration and alertness, quicker reaction times, memory and decision-making ability and increased morale. Healthy, productive employees are your greatest asset!


Group Training

No one likes working alone and with our Small Group PT sessions, you gain the benefit of working out with friends but still have a coach provide you with expert guidance. These are great as team-building exercises and for increasing rapport between colleagues!

Our facilities can host up to 20 of your employees, and we can provide programs tailored to either general fitness or specific goals (ie Tough Mudders, Corporate Triathlons etc).


28 Day Wellness Challenges

The best way to kickstart your employees’ fitness journey – CrossFit MontCo’s 28 Day Challenge is all about forming sustainable healthy habits which will stay with your employees and provide them with the tools and knowledge to live a healthy life. Work with a CrossFit MontCo coach to tailor the challenge for your employees. A minimum of 8 must be needed for this package. Challenges include: Daily emails and challenges, 3 training sessions per week (for up to 20 Participants).


Fitness Events

We believe that having a shared vision is one of the foundations of building a strong team. CrossFit MontCo can help your team get ready for your next Fitness event (Obstacle Race, Triathlon, Trail Run Etc). Packages include: Group training sessions (tailored to the event you’re training for), optional homework, and event cost can be built into total cost of training package.