Traveling doesn’t always mean less calories. Sometimes flying 4 or 5 hours in Coach or driving behind the wheel for a turnaround meeting can feel worse than the hardest WOD we can give you here at CrossFit MontCo. So, first off, we recommend that you use some travel days as a break, either get into the gym early before your flight or as soon as you get back. We greatly encourage our members to visit other boxes in other cities to see what’s going on and tell them a CFMC. Most gyms, if you contact them ahead of time, will let you come in for free or a reduced drop in if you bring them a CFMC shirt and buy one of theirs. But when your flight get delayed or “the man” says there’s no time to work out or your Mother In Law throws the third helping of mashed potatoes on your plate and the kids and their cousins are driving you crazy, here are a few WODs to do to pass the time away from CFMC.

Special Bonus:
If you complete any of the WODS below (Out of Town) and find someone loving enough or bored enough to film you on a SmartPhone doing them, we have a special prize for you…


50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of:

Grandma’s House

From Grandma’s house, jog down ten houses (in rural areas, this can be scaled accordingly or can be a lot of fun)
Do 10 Hand Release Pushups and 10 Jumping Squats
Sprint back!
Jog down 9 houses, do 9 Pushups and 9 Jumping Squats, Sprint…
Then 8 and 7 and 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 until you are back at your door…

Towering Inferno aka Fire Escape

AMRAP 20 minutes
Climb to the top of your building and back down (holding the rail) as many times as possible in twenty minutes counting the number of people you encounter in the stairwell
Perform an Immediate 50 burpee penalty if you fall or encounter Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, William Holden, Faye Dunaway, Richard Chamberlain or Robert Wagner and run away screaming to call 911 if you see O.J. Simpson

Slippery When Wet

For time:
Backwards run backpedal around parking garage
Then Three Rounds of:
30 Squats
Sprint to top of Parking Garage/or 5 floors up ramps jogging back down or taking stairs
Finish by Backwards run backpedal around garage

Room Service

For time:
100 Squats
90 Pushups
80 Sit-ups
70 Bathtub dips
60 Flutter kicks
50 Pistols (25 each leg)
40 Jumping Lunges
30 Burpees
20 Inchworms
10 Handstand pushups (taking extra care to not bust the sheetrock open, on second thought, use the door)

Flight Delayed

Take out your ticket and do one round every 15 minutes that your flight is delayed, example it’s 12pm, do the round below of all three exercises and repeat at 12:15, 12:30 etc:
1 Pushup each for the gate you are at – Gate A 18 = 18 pushups
1 Tricep dip off terminal chair corresponding to your Row number – Row 12 = 12 dips
1 Chair depth air squat for the first two digits of your flight number – United Flight 78 = 78 Air Squats
Note: If you are lucky enough to be at Gate A1 on Flight 01 in Seat A1, Beef it up accordingly….

No Bellhop Needed

For Time:
Climb 21 Floors (if Hotel is not tall enough, you may climb and ride elevator down and climb again until you reach the 21st floor)
Carrying your suitcase(s) anyway off the ground, Farmers carry, Overhead carry etc.
Stopping at each landing to do 5 burpees

Down Under Double Unders

50, 40, 30, 20, 10 Double Unders and Good Mornings, extra credit for people asking you “What the Hell are you doing?”

Not as Advertised/aka The Hotel Gym

Complete three rounds of:
3 minute best effort (fastest sustainable speed at highest level possible) on Stairmaster, Elyptical or Treadmill
Rest 1 minute
2 minute best effort Thrusters with whatever dumbbells are available (if no weights, do jumping squats)
Rest 1 minute
1 minute best effort Burpees

Record number of Thrusters plus number of Burpees

Rental Car Return

For time:
Do 50 Jumping squats, then…
On backstreets or safety of a quiet parking lot, push your vehicle 1/4 mile if steering yourself or 1/2 mile if a partner is steering
Note type of vehicle

That sure doesn’t look like the Brochure…

In a pool that is too small, dirty, busy or unheated to swim…
Complete Ten Rounds for Time
20 Trap Dips (Get in the water and hold yourself in the water as if you were climbing out of the pool, press yourself up to your belly button and lower yourself back down to your sternum, rinse and repeat)
20 Pushups out of the water holding the lip of the pool deck and lowering your chest completely to the pool deck and raising it until your elbows are locked out

Wait thirty minutes after eating….

In a pool that you can swim across…

Complete Seven rounds for time:

1 round is:
Sprint (Freestyle) across the pool
Climb out, perform 20 pushups
Sprint (Freestyle) back across the pool
Climb out, perform 20 Air Squats
Walking lunges around pool deck to the other side and get back in the water
Start all over